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Business Opportunity!!!

    Kikbacks .com is a Shopping Rebate System that is free to any one who wants to take advantage of a program that will allow you to SAVE and EARN an exciting, unlimited income.  Whether your goal is hundreds of dollars a month, thousands of dollars or month or much much more, this is the way to do it.
    Kikbacks.com is something totally new.  Our site is up and our network is growing amazingly, we are brand new and will be 100% live in less then a month.  The reason that we have been attracting so many new members even before our launch is simple, we have found a way for everyone to make money doing what we already do anyway, shop online.  Online shopping is quick, easy, and is the fastest growing segment of our economy.   The Wall Street  Journal  reported a 41% increase in online shopping in the second quarter of 2008.  We are talking about a multi billion dollar industry.  I will show you how Kikbacks.com will allow you to make and save money simply by buying the things you buy everyday anyway!  The Kikbacks.com system is truly unique.  Whether you want to make this a business or simply use it for you own personal needs, we have a place for you with Kikbacks.com.  Here are just a few of the things that make this system great.

    If I have aroused your curiosity, I invite you to spend a little time with me so I can explain just how it works.
    Lets start with a basic principal:  Everyone wants to make their life better.  Ask people what "better" means and they will tell you different things, but everyone agrees they want their life to be better.  The question is... how can they make it better?
    Well, most people will tell you they need more money to make their life better, but people struggle to make that a reality.  Maybe they don't have the money to start making money.  Or don't believe they have the skills necessary to make extra money.  Perhaps they don't know how to sell anything, and besides a lot of people hate selling.  We understand.   That's why we don't sell anything.  We have found the perfect way for anyone to make money,  by helping the people they know save money.  Kikbacks.com is a brand new concept that I believe will allow all of our members to succeed where other systems have failed.
    Lets look at the foundation of our system.  Evey single member will soon be receiving their own free customizable web page.  There are over 500 stores on our site,many of them name brand stores that you shop at everyday.   The difference is that when you walk into your local Best-Buy and buy a TV or a video game only Best-Buy makes money.  With the Kikbacks.com system, our rebate program allows YOU to make money when you shop at Best-Buy through our site. 
You  can buy almost anything by going through Kikbacks.com
          -Electronics-Books-Insurance-Car Rental-Clothing-Jewelry-Airline Ticket
                 -Restaurant Meals-Gift Cards-Health Supplies-Home Products-Office Supplies
   -Paper Goods-Food-Toothpaste-Pet Products-Gardening Equipment

    The list can go on for days.  Just think of all of the products that stores like Home Depot and Best-Buy have to offer.  Those are only two of the over 500 retailers with literally millions of products available to ensure that you will find what you need.  Combine that with what will be thousands of local merchants all over the world, each one paying you an instant rebate for every purchase.
    Its really very simple.  You shop for thing you are already going to buy anyway, and we send you a rebate for a percentage of of all your purchases.  You receive your rebate automatically with no "rebate forms" to fill out or mail in.  You will never have to wonder if the store is going to have your size or color, or if the game your children want is out of stock.  Stay home click through over 500 stores, buy what you want and make money!
    That's awesome, but it's only the first step in creating the income that you need to change your life.  With Kikbacks.com You can save money on everything you buy, the real money comes when you begin to share this opportunity with other people.  Remember, it's free to everyone, and we're going to give you every tool you need to succeed.
    Kikbacks.com is a 10 tier shopping rebate system.  In addition to your own shopping, you will receive rebates from every shopper in your system down through 10 tiers.  Before we go on I want to take a few seconds to explain what makes Kikbacks.com's tier system different and more successful than all the other tier systems out there.  Think of tier systems as if they were trees.  You are at the top of your part of the Kikbacks.com tree, people you tell are under you, the people they tell are under them, and so on.  In our system there is only one large tree, which means all the members are helping each other fill up.  We only ask our members to find four people who would like to get money back on their purchases.  Many people like myself  have signed up several.  Every person I have signed up from the fifth to the most recent has been placed somewhere in our one tree where ever they were needed.  By doing it this way we can make sure there are no "dead branches"- Places where new membership has fizzled out.  Creating the potential for a full tree for every member by working together.
    Other shopping clubs not only charge membership fees and have other crazy requirements but they also plant orchards of trees, never giving their members a chance to really succeed.  Do you think that you could grow a tree of 10,000 or 100,000 or a million strong all alone?  Of course not no one can that's why other systems fail and ours works. TEAMWORK!
    Now I want you to think about everything you purchase through out the year:  Meals, Electronics, Entertainment, Toiletries, Clothes, Office Supplies, School Supplies, Gifts,Toys, Books, Music, Insurance, travel, Etc.   Would you agree that you purchase at least $1500 a year in these types of items?  Most of us spend much more but we will start with $1500.  The great news is that every one of those things can be bought through the website.
    Next lets think about all the people you know.  How many do you think would be interested in a way to save and make money absolutely free?  Your goal is to give, notice I say GIVE, 4 people the Kikbacks.com opportunity.  Again, many people will give away more than 4.  In fact we have lots of members that have signed up tons of new people in the last few weeks.   But, if you give away only 4, the Kikbacks.com system will generate exciting income for you.  This really is a gift to share with others.  You're giving them a powerful way to save money on things they buy everyday anyway, and you're introducing them to a method of making an amazing income.
    Speaking of amazing income... Let's look at the money that can be generated when your 4 get 4 each all the way down through ten tiers.  Remember, you don't have to fill it alone;  We all work together toward success.


Annual Revenue per Kikbacks member             $1500 Average amount spent annually

Annual Rebate per Kikbacks member               $75 Average rebate annually generated

                                YOU                             YOU                                         $37.50
1                                   4                                   5                                         $11.25
2                                 16                                 21                                        $47.25
3                                 64                                 85                                      $191.25
4                               256                               341                                     $767.25
5                             1024                             1365                                  $3,071.25
6                             4096                             5461                                $12,287.25
7                           16384                           21845                               $49,151.25
8                           65536                           87381                             $196,607.25
9                         262144                         349525                            $786,431.25
10                     1048576                       1398101                         $3,145,727.25

Plus 1% override for additional directs
$ 18,615                  365 People
$ 51.00  Average Annual Increase In Rebates Per New Person Above Your 4 Direct

    Our system works like this, rebates are split up 50% to the member that makes the purchase, 20% to pay for overhead and 30% is paid out u 10 levels through the network.
    The figures on the member revenue chart are based on $1500 spent annually and a Rebate Average of 5%.  As was said earlier most of us spent way more then $1500 last year and will probably spend much more again this year.  The 5% Rebate Average is also a very low estimate.  Some retailers give 2% while others give up to 30%.  The reason that we picked 5% instead of 15% for the Rebate Average on our chart is that we want the figures we give you to be realistic and easily attainable.  In other words the amounts shown on the Member Revenue Chart are low-end figures, not the very best case scenario.  That means that as your tree gets full, your income will most likely be far greater then what was presented here.
   I know that levels 1, 2 and 3 are not very impressive as far as the rebates go; of course that is only 84 people besides you.  Most members are able to get through level 3 in just a few weeks.  It might seem like a lot of people but it' s not really at all.  The first 3 levels are by far the easiest and the reason being is, you have some influence that far down.  Obviously you are going to know the four people that you pick under you.  Its very easy to ask those people if they have picked their 4 yet.  The same thing goes for level 3 as well.  The people that your first 4 picked can just as easily be asked by them if they each have  picked out their 4.  Now much beyond level 3 the influence or reach you have has pretty much been extended.  That's where the teamwork discussed earlier comes in.  Hopefully each member will continue to get their 4 all the way down, but if somewhere in your tree growth stops, the rest of us are there to fill in the gaps.

    I want you to keep in mind that all of these numbers are very low examples of what could be made.

    I'm sure you saw the line on Member  Revenue chart that says "plus 1% override for all additional directs".  That's part of the motivation for all of the members to help each other fill their trees.  How it works is that every person after your first 4 who signs up using your referral number earns you an additional 1% of rebate money.  Not only do you get the extra 1% off that person  but also the first 3 levels of that person's tree.  If you were to just have one person a day sign up with your referral number You could be making $18,615 a year on top of the other rebates you will be earning.
    We are more than happy to give not only money but also ownership of the company back to the members.  We are constantly running contests through the websites where top performers can win shares of stock in the company.  It is our goal to award over 50% of the company's total share base to the members.  If you want to learn more about current upcoming contests in which you can win stock click the Contests and Leaders button on the home page.  We are currently running a contest that awards the first 300 members that fill their "Mini Tree" 10,000 Shares of stock.  The "Mini Tree" is the first three levels of your tree, 84 members.
    Whether it's your family, your friends or total strangers, it will be easy to tell people about
Kikbacks.com.   You don't  have to talk them into anything.  You don't have to ask them for money, and you don't have to invite them to a meeting.  If they want to check it out and decide they want to save and earn money with their own shopping you will receive rebates. They will have every opportunity you do succeed!  Some of the people in your tree will choose to only use their personal site to shop through so to get their rebates.  No problem.  You still make money from their shopping and the additional directs will help everyone build the tree.
    It will take different amounts of time for members to generate income.  But from that point forward, when the money starts rolling in, it will never stop and will only continue to grow.  We have members that are growing their trees very quickly, and we have others who will take more time.  No matter what category you're in, you aren't growing your tree alone.  The thing to focus on is that there is, ZERO INVESTMENT EVER.  All you have to do is show 4 people how to get money back for buying things they were going to buy anyway!  It might take you weeks, it might take you months.  But Kikbacks.com provides you with a way to change your life!
    Kikbacks.com has no requirements of its members like other shopping clubs.  But the only way it works is if people shop through the site.  Shopping is the only thing that generates income and your tree will be counting in you to do your part.  When you pick your 4 , pick people who will use their site.  We're going to give you powerful systems on your web page to check just how fast your tree is growing.  You'll be able to see everyone that is earning rebates for you, as well as how much in rebates you have generated.
    Another important thing to understand is that you will have all the support you will need, and so will everyone who signs up through you.  You won't have to spend time training people, sending them motivational emails, letting them know about great promotions, etc.  We'll do all that for you.  That doesn't mean however, that you should forget they are people.  If you build a personal relationship with your tree you will see it grow more quickly.
    You'll also know us as real people.  We send out updates regularly.  There is a call center coming that will answer all of you questions.  Plus you will be able to email us at any time.  There will also be a social network built just for our members accessible through our site.
    The question is...  Do you want to be part of the Kikbacks.com experience?  No investment ever.  No selling.  No crazy qualifying games.  Get free tools and online support.  This is an opportunity to change your life.
    People's biggest objection to Kikbacks.com is " This is to good to be true."  If that's how you feel, you're not alone.  What I ask of you is to find out for yourself!  It doesn't cost you anything to join and find out.  You can always cancel your membership and walk away.  But... When you find out it works, you will see that it is the vehicle that is truly going to change your life.
    The choice is yours.  If the answer is yes, just click on any the the Kikbacks.com links in this document.  You'll be registered in minutes and ready to begin your journey toward changing your life!  Thank you for spending this time learning about us and I hope you become part of the Kikbacks.com family.